Columbus (OH) Alumni Chapter History

The 6th Grand Chapter was held in Columbus, Ohio December 28-30, 1916 with Zeta Chapter as hosts.

The 45th Grand Chapter was held in Columbus, Ohio December 27, 1955. The conclave was chaired by Atty. Ray E. Hughes. Brother Hughes was a member of the Franklin County Charter Commission and President of the Civil Service Commission for the city of Columbus, Ohio. The Executive Vice Chairman was James L. Allen. Brother Allen served in every office of the Columbus Alumni Chapter. After his last term as Polemarch he was given the honorary title of Polemarch Emeritus and presented a diamond studded Fraternity Pin.

Brother Robert M. Duncan, a member of the Columbus Alumni Chapter, in 1947 was elected Junior Grand Vice Polemarch, was appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court by Governor James A. Rhodes. In addition to the Ohio Supreme Court, he served as a United States District Judge in the Southern District of Ohio from June 20, 1974 until he resigned on April 15, 1985. Judge Duncan was appointed to the bench by Richard Nixon.

Today, the chapter remains a viable force in the greater Columbus community due to our programming and events. We will continue to strive to serve the needs of the community.